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    Alternative ways to improve your health with 
    remedial therapy by Haroldj
      REMEDIAL THERAPY can relieve:
      * Neck & shoulder pain
      * Lower back pain
      * Pain in arms or legs
      * Sore knees and ankles
      * Scoliosis
      * Stress and more
      Perform better in today's fast-paced world:
      * Improve your levels of calm and confidence
      * Keep your health from deteriorating due to 
    The treatments mostly consist of using more than one
    modality.  In general I start with some Chinese acupressure 
    and sometimes as the need may be a little remedial work. 
    This will set the client's body at ease so that the healing
    progress will start to take place It also will confirm, to the
    client, that complaints are being worked on. 
    Then I use the Bowen therapy to make the treatment 
    continue to work on the client for three or four days.  
    Those treatments, with focus and intention, will take about
    one hour and gives great results. [Not good for business]
    Also, have a look at some of the links on this website to find 
    out if Reiki, Sound or Crystals may be of interest to you in
    improving your well being
    Did you know that BOWEN treatments may aid in the
    treatment of Period Pain or Menopause. It also includes
    assisting in Fertilization Weak Bladder or for males
    Enlarged Prostate symptoms. Please note, the BOWEN
    moves are a hormone stimulation and not a replacement
    for H.R.T. However, at times, this may be all you need.
    NOTE: BOWEN therapy is a very powerful treatment to aid scoliosis and in
    young persons under 18 years may alleviate drastic measures. I understand
    the high cost to parents in bringing up their siblings and am prepared to
    adjust my fees accordingly.

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    You are in charge of your own health
    [not your Mother]. Learn more and
    browse this website   This website contains pages 
    of information on obtaining a healthier life using natural 
    therapies in the following modalities: BOWEN Therapy 
    incl. Hormonal balance; Chinese Acupressure 
    Massage; Remedial Massage; Reiki; Sound; Crystals;
    and more. However, you not always can use natural
    therapies only and you must realize that some of the 
    drugs we use are unavoidable. Many drugs have been 
    arrived from natural substances found in animals and 
    vegetables but it is important to know how they act on 
    the whole human body system and you should always 
    consult your Doctor or Pharmacist  

      Harold is a fully accredited member of: 
      ATMS  [Australian Traditional Medicine Society] 
      ANTA  [Australian Natural Therapists Association] 
      BTFA  [Bowen Therapist Federation of Australia]
      He is also a Reiki Master 

          Accredited by most Health Funds for;               HEALTH FUNDS  REBATES !
      The cost of a treatment (about one hour) is $50 at:-
 142 Cherry Road,
ELEEBANA, Lake Macquarie, NSW
   Ring [02] 4948 8867 or 0401 928 945 for an appointment.
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or email haroldj@idx.com.au